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Friday, November 26, 2010

Looking Forward

I spent this holiday with my family and it was great being with all my neices and nephews as well as being with all my sisters and my brothers. It has been three years since we all have been together. During this trip I realized two things: Family makes it all worth wild and the forward progression of life keeps us moving.

So with these two concepts in mind I say this; we have to keep steadily moving forward. While I love my family I cant be who anyone else wants me to be. Neither can they be anyone more than who they are. Often we forget that each individual person has their own lives to live. We each have different experiences and different things that shape and mold us. I am reminded of the first four books of the New Testament (Matthew Mark Luke & John) while they each walked with Jesus and they each saw the same things they each had a different prespective on the things they saw and how they were recorded.

My words to everyone is simply live your life for you. I am a poet and I love what I do and who I am. There was a time when I wasnt secure enough in myself that I couldnt be myself around my family or anyone else for that matter, but now at 34 I have realized that loving me is more important than pleasing others.

2010 has been a great year; I have met some great friends; had some great progress in my poetic career; met the love of my life also lost some that I thought were friends; and had some definite struggles, but all in all I cant complain. 2011 is going to bring even greater changes and progress. I know it wont be without some struggle and some pain but it will definitely reap some great rewards.

That is ultimately the essence of growth. Recognizing the past learning from it and continually moving forward into the future. We have become stagnant as a people and instead of living we exist. Time keeps on moving even if we dont. You dont want to wake up one day and be 60 years old and realize for 60 years you have done absolutely nothing in life but have sex & pay bills. Scorpio Blues said "Our existence is just dying to ensure that someone knew we were alive" but if you spend your entire existence not doing anything worth remembering then you have had a waisted existence.

Take this opportunity to start again if you have been stagnant. Its never too late to start new, to start again. A dream deffered is not a dream denied. Dreams can not be denied only forgotten or become dormant, but at any point you can breathe life into a dream again no matter how long its been or how old you are. It only takes drive ambition and passion. Stagnancy call be defeated by forward motion and progress.

I am not one for new years resolutions but I do have a resolution that everyone should adapt that in 2011 we should all have forward progression and battle stagnancy with hope progress and determination; but most of all SELF LOVE.

Resolved: Lyrical Toye is moving forward in her life remembering the past but leaving it behind me, while continuing to press toward the mark of the high calling. Only looking forward so I can see where I am going.
with experiential knowledge of the past.

Looking Forward.....

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