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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it really HATING?

Normally I wouldnt waste my time giving any female rapper or artist the time of day. If I dont feel they have anything pertinent to say to me or mine I keep my opinions to myself. I can not support your music and not have to bash you at the same time. Now there are those that I will discuss in my own private conversations or on my show {} (I know its a shameless plug lol) but its my own opinion and usually try to do it with a level of class.

Recently I heard a piece by a young Poet named Jasmine Mans called Nicki Minaj. The beauty of this is piece is that a 19 year old young woman is holding the artist that she listens to accountable for her actions and image. I personally applaud this young woman for having the courage of conviction to speak on something she obviously feel passionate about.

I watched the piece (by Jasmine Mans) again today and took the time to read the comments posted in regards to her piece. While I was already aware of how negative people were being about the piece I did not realize the extent of the ignorance that was said in response to this brilliant piece. People have really taken serious offense to her words and jumped to defend Nicki Minaj. Really? This woman who is making all this money needs youtube frequenters to defend her honor against a 19 year old Poet? What does that say about Nicki?

How can the message possibly be many say she is a hater...but even if you take it from the stand point of a hater in order to have hate there must first be love...this young Poet is a fan of Nicki Minaj...hmmmmmm and is telling her to be accountable for herself...hmmmmmmmm since when did we lose the standard in our art...No one ever saw MC Lyte let the industry reduce her to T&A or Queen Latifah...These women were true MC's and have real love for the Art...KRS-ONE said you cant sell your lyrics cuz your lyrics are your to sell your lyrics IS to sell your soul.

So while I was reading the comments I kept seeing this name Keys. Now of course I am out of touch with mainstream and commercial hip hop so I was not familiar with Nicki Minaj's work outside of that one song "Bed Rock" where she says something about asbestos. So I looked up some of Nicki's work. I hate to be unfair and speak on things in ignorance. I sat listening to Nicki Minaj for about three hours. For a TRUE Hip Hopper that was torturous. I truly couldnt figure out the logic understanding or relevence for her lyrics but as a poet I am very concerned with content. I dont just listen for musical content.

While I appreciate that everyone has their own voice and I would not deny Nicki hers but I truly have grasped great understanding of the pertinence of Miss Mans piece. I was sorely disappointed with the blatant disrespect Nicki showed to female Hip Hop pioneers. Now far be it from me to take Lil Kim's side on anything cause that's a whole nother subject all together, but I was around when Kim first hit the scene and no one can say that she didnt represent well in the beginning. Her time with Junior Mafia she did her thing lyrically. Now mind you Im a poet, so Im listening for content. Alot of what Kim has done since the tragic death of Notorious Big has in my opinion fallen off, but thats not here nor there. The fact of the matter is that alot of what I have seen from Nicki Minaj Lil Kim did ten years ago. Then to turn around and dis Kim is mad disrespectful to me. If Kim had not been the Queen Bee there would be NO Nicki Minaj.

Its only courtesy to show respect to those that TRULY paved the way for you to be who you are even if it is a barbie or clone. Foxy Brown another who used mass sex appeal to sell her self or market herself. Especially at a time when Female MC's were trying so hard to gain respect, on the strength of their lyrical abilities and not the size of their bras. Foxy was not only a genuine beauty (no plastic surgery) she was a beast lyrically.

Now dont misunderstand this is not a Nicki Minaj dis. I will say for the record I havent heard anything by her that impresses me. I come from a generation of real Lyricist so I am interested in what you have to say not how you look and how little you are wearing.

So I checked out this young lady Keys. I rocks with her. She kept it raw and gritty. True it was a dis to Nicki no doubt or question but there was definite truth in her flow. Plus she had some ill qoutes. Honestly she smashed that joint and thats my opinion and its mine to have and share. Keys definitely put it to Nicki in a real street lyricist way. The one quote that stands out the most to me is "You not hard You'll get killed round these parts like that" ok there is one more "Im a grown ass woman what i need with a barbie" those two lines alone were murder. Now remember Im a Poet, so I look for content. This young lady Keys hit the nail on the head with her very blatant dis of Nicki Minaj. Real female MC's would eat her alive.

Skip the record deal and how much money she make we are talking about pure unadulterated talent. If Nicki Minaj were to battle Keys she would lose real talk. For every song by Nicki that I listened to (even the collabs) I looked up the lyrics cuz again Im a Poet and even with the written lyrics I couldnt figure out WTF she was talking about. It wasnt cohesive at all. I dont care what her life story is or where she came from all I ask is that you tell a fluid story even if you are wack I should atleast find a cohesive train of thought. Nicki Minaj missed me with that one.

After looking and listening I found a youtube clip of Nicki Minaj saying she wasnt going to adress the BS which is EXACTLY what she did. CAN SOME ONE SAY CONTRADICTION? How can you come out publicly and say you dont address dumb ish then spend four minutes talking about it? Well not really four minutes cuz for the most part she seemed high I wasnt quite sure what was going on with her.

All I know is this...When you are in the public eye there is a responsibility and should be a standard. It is long overdue that we as consumers start calling these entertainers on their BS, and thats just REAL TALK. I cant speak for anyone but me but I take my hat off to Jasmine Mans for recognizing that Nicki Minaj is more than just T&A that she is a beautiful black woman a QUEEN and should conduct herself within the scope of that title. There are enough Idioms castrating our dignity respect and self worth as women that she doesnt have to do it for them or play into the fact that thats all there is to her. If Nicki Minaj is REALLY talented let her talent speak for her not her boobs plastic or real.

There was a time in Hip Hop when Rappers WERE Poets....but obviously that time is long gone....For those that feel this young woman is wrong for making the entertainers in her generation accountable for their actions and accountable to a standard of excellency I say you miss the beauty of this young womans brilliant mind and movement. The only true negativity in this piece is that as women we are so objectified (and allow ourselves to be so) that we feel the only way to obtain fame is to assimilate into the sex culture of our society....But real talent is everlasting.

So if recognizing that there is more to it than being half dressed or undressed and that as women we should allow  our talent to speak for us then I guess that makes me a hater. I am a woman that believes I dont have to undress publicly to be heard and have earned a reputation based on the content of my lyrics and not the content of my jeans. I have to work twice as hard to be respected by my peers cause so many women fall into the trap of selling sex. No matter how hard I have to work in the end to respected for my talent and not my tits is priceless.

Photo Shoot....$100
Self Respect........PRICELESS!


  1. this is a photo of Nicki Minaj from her high school year book

  2. thanks Dyme....appreciate your support