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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Omen

I have been living in Ohio for about 4 years and while living here has had its ups and downs its good and bad I had felt for awhile it was time to move on. Now for months I have been procrastinating because honestly I had gotten very comfortable in my life here in Ohio complacent is more like it. I know that things happen for a reason and destiny has a way of getting its own way so with that said a series of events put me on the fast track to moving to NC. I was initially trying to move to Charlotte. I have family there and when i was there last I loved it, but again destiny has a way of getting its own way. So since I've been on the fast track to moving it has been very discouraging to me. I have had all kinds of issues problems and concerns. Which left me feeling very defeated. It seemed that every time there was a ray of hope dark clouds swarmed in to douse that hope. Until finally I had just given up and resolved that I may have to just stay in Ohio and live under a bridge somewhere. Someone very dear to my heart told me Sunday evening (as we were returning from a sports bar watching my 49ers squander that game) "You are due for a blessing real soon" when I asked how do you know he replied "I can feel it". Needless to say his optimism fell on deaf ears. I said to myself "people always say that when there is no other answer" but I let him revile in the revelation he felt and I wallowed in the defeat that had over come me. Monday started pretty slow for me nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. At about 11ish the phone rings and I got the information that the money I had been waiting on had been held up due to the fact that they had not received all the paper work they needed. This started the day to look a little better. With in twenty minutes they had the paperwork they needed and had explained I should be receiving the money any day. This put a new bounce in my step and I said "ok this was a blessing" and my friends words came back to me. While I was appreciating the prospect of getting the money I had been waiting on I still wasnt Happy go lucky... My grandson was cranky so i put him to sleep and well I put us to sleep lol and I was awakened by the phone ringing. Not sure why but I felt a sudden urge to call these places I had found to give one more stab at procuring an address. I left several messages then laid down again. At around 8:30 pm I got a call back from a gentleman about a house. This gentleman was a god send. He opened up a door for me and my family giving us a physical address under some circumstances that are more than unbelievable. No credit check No application fee No background check....I explained to him that we were relocating and He basically said to me I will send you the lease and the keys and you can break your deposit up into installments since ur making such a huge transition. This is not normal protocol for renting. I had spoken to several places in Charlotte and they were all hesitant and said when you get to Charlotte come by and we will show you the property. Forget the fact that I have a family of 5 to include two infants. So I now have a home to take my family to when we move. Although the house is in Greensboro and not Charlotte I am happy. Now I have explained this situation because lets face it Im renting a house that I have only seen pictures of and this is very risky. So of course I am aware of the possibility of scams. While I got nothing but positive vibes from the man grandma used to say that "everything that glitters aint gold and everything shinning aint diamonds". So I went to sleep with a peaceful hesitance about the situation. I dont remember much of what I was dreaming about before Steve appeared to me but he did (Steve passed away in January...I loved him very much he was a dear friend and I miss his presence tremendously) Steve came to me and told me it was ok to go this was good and everything was going to work out and I would finally be happy the way I deserved. I have always believed that our loved ones spirits were with us once they pass but this was more than me channelling steve, I felt his presence like he was here next to me. I woke up and called his name. When I woke up there was no hesitance just peace and a smile on my face. Steve had told me once that I was wasting away in this town and I didnt belong here it was too small for me. He comforted me tonight and even while I type this I still feel him close. Close enough to want to reach out and touch him. Now at 6:44 am I am wide awake for no to do and no where to go just wide awake because Steve is here with me comforting and confirming that everything is going to be alright. He told me the money I needed was going to come the move would be good I would be happy and that he loved me. What better Omen can one get?