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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Virtual Life

Okay people this is my first blog ever. For a long time I wondered what the purpose of the blog was, and even said I didnt have any need to blog. I'm a poet so I write and express myself thru my poetry, but as life progresses I now realize why blogging will be useful to me. Thanks to Facebook & other Social Networking sites I have gathered a topic although it may be inflammatory it is long over due to be spoken on. I cant say that I am the first one to ever speak on this issue, because honestly I have only read one blog in my life, but I do know that I cant continue my silence.

Ladies and gentleman we are all grown or at-least we should be and it absolutely baffles me how people take these virtual worlds and societies so serious. The internet was meant to be a means of connectivity and networking, along with having some fun. How is it that people above the age of 25 have time energy or concern to create cliques and drama on line? I'm completely baffled at the amount of drama that goes on in the 40 and up age range. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Ok people real talk we are all adults right? Why do you give a phuck about what someone else is doing on the other side of a computer? REALLY? Thats how you feel? You are so concerned about people you have never met and probably will never meet that it disturbs your life in some way shape form or fashion? Your life is so empty that all you have to do is worry about what I'm doing on the other side of MY computer that I purchased and use internet that I pay for?

I'm saying a small amount of perspective should be used in this instance. I'm not saying I haven't met some great people over the internet because I have. I'm not saying the internet isn't a great way to network and stay in touch with people because it is, but lets call a spade a spade here people. I couldn't care less about any of the millions of people that use Facebook Myspace Twitter Black Planet Urban Chat Tagged or any other social sites to include but not limited to Blogtalkradio.

People its all virtual! When you spend 3/4 of your day behind the computer screen keeping track of someone else's movements and thoughts on facebook , etc., there is truly something missing in your life. Get a damned hobby already. Here's the thing, and seriously if anybody has a response to this question/comment please let me know, why is my life so important to any of you in this virtual arena? As if passing a few comments between facebook , etc., now has all of a sudden given you stake in my life somehow.

Its the stupidest thing I have ever experienced that so many supposedly grown people are on line acting more childish than my teenage children which conduct themselves in a manner befitting most adults. I don't know what drives people to spend so much time being offended by these virtual societies. The key word there is VIRTUAL. That means ITS NOT REAL PEOPLE! Yall acting stupid behind blogtalkradio and facebook if yall don't get some where and sit the phuck down. REALLY? WTH is wrong with people when they have real life challenges and focus all their energy on the pettiest shit that could be concocted. When there are marriages children health concerns etc that you SHOULD be focusing on you instead turn around and focus on the wackest Bullshit since George Bush declared War. REAL TALK!

When do we stop acting like small children and throwing temper tantrums? Better yet WHY ARE GROWN PEOPLE THROWING TEMPER TANTRUMS ABOUT SHIT THEY DONT OWN OR CONTROL.

Real Talk... What I do behind my computer screen is my phucking business and any body with issues problems or concerns should go to hell and wait for your number to be called. I don't hide behind internet screens.

I have a real life beyond these computer screens and keyboards. Behind facebook , etc., and of course Blogtalkradio. I have REAL problems issues concerns challenges happiness pain fears joy decisions and life. I'm not a bot created to post periodically that has no emotions or feelings. Why do people find strength power and presence behind avatars profile pics and computer screens? Then everybody wanna yell I keep it real. No, you don't. You keep it virtual.

Those that undress themselves in virtual arenas then wonder why they get treated like a skeez. HELLO?! You just exposed yourself to half the world why would anyone think you are more? Maya Angelou said "If someone shows you who they are...believe them" And I do. People who feel so protective and sensitive about these virtual arenas lack fulfillment in their own lives, and have not the spiritual fortitude to do some serious soul searching. Either they see nothing wrong which is a completely different problem or are afraid of what they will find if they look.

At the end of the day we all have to look ourselves in the mirror. There are only so many lies we can tell our selves. People who use the internet to be what they want to be but aren't are the fakest and phoniest of all people. You cant escape yourself in the internet. If you are a whore then you will be a whore when the internet goes off. After a while your facade online will crumble. Grandma used to say "Whats done in the dark will surely come to the light."

So to all those that read this that may feel offense or some kinda way I say check yourself before you start slandering my name because of it. My drill sergeant used to say "If you throw a rock in a pack of wolves the one you hit is gonna holla"

Now for those that I was addressing take 12 hours to mind your own business and 12 to stay outta mine. If you don't have a life of your own Kmart has them on sale every day for 9.95 they even got lay away. If thats still too step you can get a cheap life at Dollar General/Family Dollar/Dollar Tree better yet I will buy you the Game of Life for Christmas if thats the only way you can get one.

Live Beyond the Poetry


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